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We all love to get away. Give a Blue Maple gift card, and help your friends and family reconnect on their next adventure.

Simply select one of the gift card options below and you’re on your way. Once purchased, we’ll email you your customer Gift Card Code to use during any future Blue Maple stay. Gift cards never expire, can be combined together or applied to multiple reservations, and can be used by anyone — including yourself!

Questions? Check out our FAQ below, or email us at [email protected]. Thank you!


How do I redeem my gift card?

Simply text or call us at (540) 551-3920 and we will help you to make the reservation and apply your gift card. Our support team is available from 8am – midnight every day of the year, and happy to assist!

Unfortunately, our website cannot accept the gift card as a form of payment, and it cannot be used on any other booking sites.

Do the gift cards expire?

Yes, they do expire 5 years from the date of purchase.

Can I give my Gift Card Code to a friend?

Yes! The Gift Card Code is custom to your transaction, but can be used by whomever you choose.

If I buy one and use it and there are leftover funds, can I use the remaining balance?

Yes! We will update the balance of your gift card after each transaction. Any leftover funds will be available to you until the expiration of the card.

Can I combine gift cards later to use to pay for one reservation?

Yes! When you contact us to book your reservation, let us know the Gift Card Codes you have and we will apply them to the reservation. Any leftover funds will be available to you until the card expires.

Can the gift card be used to pay for cleaning fees and tax?

Yes! The gift card is a payment method, so it can be used for payment of the total reservation amount.

When is your support team available to assist?

Our support team is available from 8am to midnight every day of the year. You can reach us at [email protected] or call/text at (540) 551-3920.